There aren’t many people who would say no to ‘travelling’. In fact, over fifty percent of the people in the United Kingdom travelled abroad in 2014, a number that has been growing ever since. The only problem is that it costs quite a lot, which is also the prime reason given by those who ditch the experience.

Fortunately, there are so many ways you can easily save money while on the go. According to the famous Croatian traveller—Tomislav Perko—if you do it right, you might as well be able to spend lesser money than you would staying at home.

To make travelling even more alluring, we have come up with ways that would not only save you money, but also let you earn some on the side.

Showcase Your Skills

If you are good at juggling balls, freestyle, or even playing an instrument, use it to your advantage. While you travel, you can stop by for some time, and showcase you skills on the street. Make sure you have a small box or an upside-down hat for passersby to donate as they watch your performance. This is a great way to earn as people will enjoy a short performance on the street from a non-native.

Work At Resorts

You can also offer your part-time services at a resort where you stay. The best way is to assist during a few rush-hours which will earn you enough to last the day. Not only will you save your travel-money, but also get a fun experience out of it.

Become a Tour Guide

If it is some place you have been before, or have good knowledge about, you can become a tour guide for others. Since local tour guides are often quite expensive, anyone charging lesser will do for the other tourists. In addition to that, you also get to visit your favourite places while cashing in on your information about them.

Travel Blogging

Travel blogs are getting more and more popular among tourists around the world. Since it is hard to find a good place to visit, it is your travel-blogs that will help tourists to get a prior, hands-on review. Travel bloggers can earn from holding a subscription fee for exclusive content. Furthermore, you can also feature a particular place—a hotel or a resort for instance—while charging them instead of your readers.

Become a Bartender

Bartending is one of your best bets to earn cash while travelling. Several places in cities and towns are willing to pay easy cash for bartending services.

Sell Your Art

If there is some specific art of yours, may be a handmade pot, or a scenic painting, you can sell it while on tour. Many tourists sketch people on the go and charge them. If in luck, you might even make a pretty good sale on your art, or get a few additional orders for the future.

The best way is to make a budget of what you plan on spending each day, and then figure out how much time you would give to earning that amount. Some days, you will be able to earn a small portion of it, while other days could bring in enough cash to last more than just a day.